First post!

Hello there!

Here is my very first OOTD! I started this blog with the intention of honouring and inspiring lovely ladies over the age of fifty, who still love fun, fashion, life, and don’t give two hoots what other people think!

I wore this outfit to go see and dance to Gerry Green’s Crescent City Jazzers.


Green wool beret: purchased in Paris.

Black dress: secondhand.

Black boots: secondhand.

Artisan handspun wool shawl: bought in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Handbag: vintage.

Green glass bead necklace: vintage.

You will notice that most of my clothes are secondhand and vintage. I am a great advocate of upcycling and wanting to lessen the impact of my footprint. We are such a consumerist/throw-away society and our landfills are overflowing with fabric, shoes, and clothing that should be reused and given a new life.

Till next time!



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