Sunday afternoon

Lounging with my boy Ambrose.

Jill Tunbridge book launch

I had the honour of performing for the launch of Jill’s novel, Like a Butterfly…Screaming. Photos were taken by my lovely daughter, Savannah. I am wearing a vintage black satin gown, dancing to Tom Waits. I have a link below, if you are interested in checking out Jill’s novel.

Cheers, Kat.

Elate, Amazing All Natural, Vegan Cosmetics!

I was recently introduced to this wonderful line of makeup. I absolutely love it!!! 

It’s great on mature and young skin alike. I love, love, love the mascara! It goes on beautifully and curls and elongates your lashes, without any smudging after all day wear. It also washes off so easily. However, for mature skin, I do recommend using lip concealer or pencil if you decide to wear a darker shade of lip stick. They’re wonderful but can bleed a bit on our mature skin! 

You can buy locally in select stores or online. If you live in Surrey or Langley B.C., there’s a fantastic shop in Fort Langley called Chuckling Duckling Farm.

Here’s links to Elate’s and Chuckling Duckling Farm’s website:

Enjoy! 😺