Kat’s Bio

Kat was born into a race of Irish faeries, but was abducted by pirates at an early age.

They taught her how to sail the seven seas – and strike without warning – and introduced her to the cultures and treasures of many lands, including India and Africa, the South Pacific and the West Indies.

During her many travels she also learned how to draw, paint and photograph as well as mastering the skill of fluent telepathic conversation with elephants and bunnies.

She is a graduate student of the many disciplines of Colour, Design and Magic, and is a compulsive collector of exotic fabrics and vintage decor.

These interests find full expression in her creation of captivating up-cycled wearables and accessories, jewellery and rare perfumes.

She has been dancing even longer than she can remember, and delights in all forms of the Art of Terpsichore – including Tribal Fusion dance – and currently, whenever the urge to perform seizes her, she can claim her place at a moment’s notice in the wagon of a travelling band of Flamenco gypsies.

When not roaming the world in search of new wonders she can be found at the residence she shares with her daughter, Savannah, and husband, Alexander, close to the border of the real and the entirely imaginary, and ruled by their black cat, Prince Ambrose.